Autumn Rose

Raven Eyes Rose
2021-04-20 2:00 PM PDT

My name is Autumn Rose, and I am here to serve your remembering. I am equal parts medicine woman, mother, storyteller, and sound keeper. I have a strong psychic connection to my bloodlines - what I am here to heal for ancestors, and what I am here to encode for my descendants. I have been initiated by spirit on my own path of healing and reclamation of sovereignty and freedom, and I wish for you to find the same​ I have lived many lives in this one precious life, and have served in many different ways: I have assisted hundreds of beings through 1:1 shamanic bodywork sessions to sound healing and yoga from cacao ceremonies and women's circles up into opening ceremonies at festivals down through birth and postpartum to sharing of traditional storytelling and spoken word and finally facilitating group movement journeys in nature. I come with many psychic gifts in my pockets, and the ability to pierce the veil and bring back forgotten codes for the awakening and remembering of New Earth Frequencies. Birth and Death have made me a Mother, and I am here to serve the wombs of women so that we may destroy what needs to be destroyed so we have the space to create what we came here to create


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