Elizabeth Herald

Sacramento Watershed Wisdom Counsel

2021-04-20 3:45 PM PDT

The Pure Water flowing through the lakes and rivers in the world’s high mountains has been a beacon for Elizabeth Herald since early childhood.  The great gift of being nourished by one of the Sacred Water Hearts of the World, Da ow aga (Lake Tahoe) has defined and guided her life’s journey. After having worked in media production for many years she witnessed a great crisis of denigration in Watersheds everywhere on our incredible planet. This has motivated her to become a committed voice for the vital sanctity and sovereignty of Our Essential Source Water … understanding that our covenant with the primary Intelligence of Life is through Pure Water and nurtured within intact Watersheds. As the founder of the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept, a practical, whole-system model for an emerging world community of regenerative Water Stewardship. Designed as a pathway to bridge the vast gap between our inspiration for transforming the world we live in with implementing practical solutions to the pressing challenges facing our local and planetary communities and to work for All Life within our Watersheds. We are all in this together! We are finally listening.


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