[QUEST] Share your Ohm....

This is part of our ongoing Sound of SEEDS Initiative, starting with a global composition of vocalizations of Ohm, composed by Gian Berselli.  This quest has a Seeds bounty of 33 Seeds for completion, gifted by Astral Wolf Records, a member of dSTUDIO.earth.

SEEDS Composer, Gian Berselli of Astral Wolf Records, astralwolf.com, is collecting Ohm recordings from the community to create a composition from many human voices.    This is an experiment hosted by dSTUDIO.earth.

Step 1:  Please listen to the Youtube tone recording for tone reference.

Step 2: Please find a quiet location (bedrooms are great) to record a short audio file of your own vocalization of Ohm, in any octave you choose. Ideally, try three (3) times in the same recording, so Gian can choose the best attempt.  

Step 3: Once you are finished recording, please submit your file via form on link below.  

Please make sure to include your SEEDS Account (12-characters) so that you are eligible for a Bounty of 33 Seeds. (only one bounty per person in this Quest).

Share Your Ohm Submission Form

Thank you!  Gian will gather these recordings and compose a final piece.  We will send an email announcement when complete.



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